Selling a Home Step by Step

Selling your home can be a stressful proposition. Being prepared and getting assistance when you need it can make the process much easier.


Get your home ready to sell

Now is the time to literally clean house. Get rid of everything you can get rid of--rehoming or recycling is best, but sometimes things just need to be tossed. Make repairs as you can. Most buyers will hire a home inspector to look over your property. If you can see that a repair needs to be made, the home inspector certainly will, too.


find out what your home is worth

Pricing your home too high is the single biggest mistake sellers make. Your home gets the most attention from buyers the first week or so that it is listed. Don’t miss out on potential buyers by pricing your home out of range. A realtor® can help price your home so that you get the best price in the shortest time on market.



Develop a marketing strategy that emphasizes the selling points of your house. Is your home walking distance to a park, perfect for horses, have an updated kitchen, in a new neighborhood? What did you most like about your home when you bought it? Your realtor® can help you put together a plan that highlights the aspects of your home that will most likely attract buyers.